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Katy Kindig was not with us at the Alameda Artworks for nearly long enough, but from the first, her cordial spirit, humor and ease of engagement melted so seamlessly into the fabric of our unique collection of artists that it seemed she had always been one of us.

As an artist, Katy was an inspiration.  She was a gifted painter, but also a teacher, conducting outside classes and inviting artists who did not have their own work space to share the quiet creativity that permeated her studio. Remarkably, even though she was busy with her family, teaching and volunteering, every week Katy seemed to have magically produced yet another new, landscape, pet portrait, or set of the (6" x 6") paintings created over the course of 50 days for the 50/50 exhibits in which she so successfully participated.

Katy’s imagery was truly a delight. She captured the colors and flow of the local California landscape with the consistency and detail of one who sees well beyond the obvious. Perhaps eve…

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